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Lori M IV 30 foot Grady White


33 Foot, Grady White Express, Twin 350HP Yamaha outboards

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Inshore u Offshore u Back Bay


Inshore trips start at $550 per day

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410-440-4613 Boat

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Captain John A.(Jack) Boender

U.S.C.G. Captain License # 1500855,

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Maryland Fishing Guide License # 431


International Game Fish Association

The Billfish Foundation

Maryland Saltwater Sportsman Association

Recreational Fishing Alliance

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National Marine Charter Association 

bw_tuna.jpg (139403 bytes)

197 # Bluefin Tuna caught off Ocean City

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Spring bring bluefish off the Maryland Coast

WAHOO usually show up in July




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And KIDS are always Welcome !

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Just bring your lunch and favorite beverage.

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We use Penn Stand up Tackle made in the USA

Ocean City Maryland Fishing Report
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LINKS to our fishing buddies

Foxsea Sportfishing, Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Sea Boots Sportfishing, Lower Florida Keys

Overtime Flats Fishing, Lower Florida Key

Griffin Fishing Charters, New Orleans, La.

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Lori M III entering Ocean City Inlet

Thanks for visiting our site and Tight Lines


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